segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

A natureza aleatória do "raciocínio científico" + buscando inspiração

Enquanto buscava inspiração por aqui

me lembrei deste texto incrível que, de certa forma,  incita os matemáticos a terem uma vida social decente 

Those are more haphazard by their nature; they may
occur just in casual conversation. You will be talking
with somebody and he mentions something and you
"Good God, yes, that is just what I need.., it
explains what I was thinking about last week."
And you put two things together, you fuse them and something
comes out of it. Putting two things together, like
a jigsaw puzzle, is in some sense random. But you
have to have these things constantly turning over in
your mind so that you can maximize the opportunities
for random interaction. I think Poincaré said something
like that. It is a kind of probabilistic effect: ideas
spin around in your mind and the fruitful interactions
arise out of some random, fortunate mutation. The
skill is to maximize this degree of randomness so that
you increase the chances of a fruitful interaction.
From my point of view, the more I talk with different...

Michael Atiyah, em alguma entrevista que eu vi/li

bom.... ainda tenho que tirar a continuidade de uma função da cartola...tô indo já 

Espero que o próximo post seja feito no Brasil


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